For years I have travelled and captured the beauty of strangers I encountered. I am happy to bring my passion now to anyone who would like to commission me to make a Human Postcard of their loved ones or themselves.


Your personal Human Postcards is a perfect gift for  birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. It is a time capsule, capturing a persons idea and passion.


A unique one minute video-portrait of yourself, friends, family or loved one. I would come to where you are and spend a day with the person I portray. We first get to know each other and I film for a few hours their most dear activity. This could be playing if the portraits is about a child, a hobby or just being at home with the family. The second phase is an audio interview without the camera, like a conversation, for an hour or two. All of these captured moments I will then edit into a personal Human Postcard.

Starting at 1800 Euro. Contact me for more info.