Human Postcards is an ongoing series of 60 second video portraits, capturing the inspirational and often powerful messages of everyday people from around the world.

Since starting in 2015, we have produced over 150 unique postcards in multiple countries. Each postcard is one minute long and focuses on a single idea or aspect of a person’s life.

The idea came in 2014 while we were working in London. Every day we walked along Oxford Circus and saw a man in a human billboard costume advertising a golf store. We wondered what he was thinking as he stood there being passed by thousands of people, and if we could capture his story in a format which all of these busy people could enjoy, to change their perception of him.

As we started to film, we realised that the project was growing to be more than something about unnoticed people, and that everyone has stories, lessons, and dreams to pass on.

For more information on our contribution to the project, please watch our TEDx Talk here.


Human Postcards is an original idea and production by Nora Jaccaud.

Nora Jaccaud

Director / Producer

Nora Jaccaud is a filmmaker best known for her award-winning series, Human Postcards—a collection of hundreds of one-minute films featuring individuals from around the world, sharing their stories and perspectives on life. Her films are celebrated for their humanistic approach and their ability to capture the essence of the people and cultures she encounters.

In addition to her work with Human Postcards, Nora has collaborated on a variety of film projects with a diverse range of clients, including non-profit organisations, commercial brands and creative studios. Through her work, she creates compelling content that tells captivating stories and showcases the beauty of the world around us.

Nora continues to travel and create visual content, utilising her skills as a storyteller to inspire empathy and understanding across cultures. Her work has touched the lives of people around the world, instilling pride in those she interviews and portrays.

Watch her story during this TEDx Talk: YoutubeLink