“Responsibility towards Humanity”

Camille is a volunteer at a private camp for refugees, created by the infamous french olive farmer and immigration activist, Cedric Herrou.

This camp became known in France and internationally following Cedric’s arrests for helping more than 250 migrants cross into France from Italy. After numerous convictions for assisting migrants to cross the border, Cedric’s actions were found to be legal by the French government, under the constitutional exercise of fraternity to others.

Since this landmark decision, Cedric and volunteers like Camille continue to help the many migrants who continue to cross the border from Italy. They offer shelter, food and most importantly help migrants with the paperwork they need to go through to legally enter France

Camille often had to welcome dozens of new arrivals in the middle of the night. Some people arrive in very bad shape, hungry, sick, bleeding…

When a migrant arrives they have to be registered in the city of Nice. Camille told us about how she would leave at dawn with a group of 12 people, trusting her and following her through the forest, walking to the city to register.

Camille’s family was hidden and saved in the same valley during world war II, and now it’s her turn to be part of a true human movement. She shared with us her thoughts on solidarity, empathie and responsibility. We left this place with a profound feeling that it’s everyone’s responsibility to care and help. We should not turn our eyes away from this human tragedy and we can help by just looking around us. Camille says that “we probably can find a family or person in need anywhere we look if we just look. Talking with that person, offering him or her some warm food, a shower or help with paperwork, any attention will make a difference and as a bonus we will also learn something”.

This portrait was co-produced with FRANCE TV Slash

This portrait was short listed at the Filminute Festival

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