“One thing I am 100% sure of”

Helena is a student who never buys groceries. 4 years ago she went dumpster diving for the first time in Warsaw and found 27 boxes of luxury chocolates. From that day on she became part of the the #freegan movement. #Freegans visit the dumpsters behind super markets and shops after closing time and save food that is thrown away, but is still good for consumption.
When Helena finds too much food, she will post a list of the food on a Facebook group and offer to others to pick it up.
In the film we made about her, Helena describes the strange feeling she gets when she buys something in a shop, like she is participating to a system that she doesn’t believe in.
“Once you realise how much delicious food is thrown away everyday you can never consume the same way again”.

This episode was coproduced with France TV Slash

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  1. Trudy van der Van der poel
    Trudy van der Van der poel says:

    Thanks for the portret of Helena.Ik know students, they went to a hotel after breakfasttime to get leftovers from the buffet and they pay about 5 euro and share it with other students.
    Always interested in new portrets.


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