“My schizophrenia”

Lukas was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 21. Before his diagnosis he was living in Japan, training to become a Karate master. Lukas left his dream behind, and travelled home to Germany to begin a long battle against this illness. In this one minute video portrait he shares with us his experience of Schizophrenia.

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  1. Trudy Van der poel
    Trudy Van der poel says:

    Thanks for the new postcards.We saw Lukas ans I heard that also Rosa was filmed.We also saw Daniel.
    We like to see more of your work (together or alone)
    Hope to see you in Hillegom………….love Trudy


      Dear Trudy, Thank you for watching our work. We made some beautiful films in your country and hope to return to make more in the future. It would be lovely to meet again.
      With love, Nora & Arie

  2. janet mead
    janet mead says:

    What a great idea§ These Human Postcard invite reflection and convey a message that is both poignant and yet gives a sense of hope.

  3. Trudy Van der poel
    Trudy Van der poel says:

    we all can learn from the portrets you made,was impressed of Nora’s story.You have somestimes to “fight”to come to what you hopes to receive,not easy,I know it !


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